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Edited by Me

These are some of the books I've had the pleasure of editing.

Editor: List

Picture Books

Nerdy Babies Space.jpg

"Using bright, bold colors and simple lines and dots, Kastner gives each planet personality and facial features." —Kirkus

Woke Baby.jpg

"Bubbling with an easy joy and nascent sense of justice—and the notion that the two can certainly go hand in hand." —Kirkus

Nerdy Babies Ocean.jpg

"Kastner provides a cheerful, appealing introduction to science topics for young audiences." —School Library Journal

Friday Night WrestlefestC.jpg

"A well-executed romp, perfect for those little movers who need to burn some energy before finally hitting the mat(tress)." —Booklist

When the Beat Was Born.jpg

Winner of a John Steptoe Award for New Talent

"An expert biography of a hip hop and rap pioneer, and a not-to-be-missed picture-book debut by Taylor."

—Publishers Weekly

Unicorn Came to Dinner.jpg

"Entertaining and ultimately reassuring, this will likely resonate with and be appreciated by kids and their adults alike." —Booklist

Star Stuff.jpg

★ "An out-of-this-world picture-book biography."
—The Horn Book, starred review

So Tall Within.jpg

★ "A soaring poetic tribute to a human rights champion." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

1 2 3 Jump.jpg

"A great way to encourage children to both explore the world around them and incorporate new activities into their daily lives. Dive right in." —School Library Journal

Spring After Spring.jpg

★ "The perfect choice to inspire young readers and listeners, with just the right amount of detail to inspire, entrance, and encourage further investigation."
—Kirkus, starred review

John Ronald's Dragons.jpg

"An ideal lead-in to family readings of The Hobbit."
—Publishers Weekly

Go for the Moon.jpg

★ "Gall uses approachable analogies to illuminate STEAM concepts, and an author’s note recalls Gall’s experience watching the moon landing as a child, further personalizing this edifying and heartfelt story."
—Publishers Weekly, starred review


★ "A blast from the past, sure to transport fans of all things big and loud." —Kirkus, starred review

Finding Narnia.jpg

★ "A vivid portrait of inspiration and imagination... Masterfully explains how a classic series came to be while maintaining a sense of mystery and wonder."
—Kirkus, starred review

Time for Cranberries.jpg

"An enlightening, joyful celebration of a little-explored agricultural endeavor." —Kirkus

I See Kitty.jpg

"Large color illustrations in simple, rounded shapes outlined in black invite children in and present seek-and-find entertainment, while the short text with speech bubbles is the perfect length for the very young." —School Library Journal

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Middle Grade

Invisible Boy.jpg
When You Grow Up to Vote.jpg

★ "An important book that demands to be seen. It adds to the conversation of #OwnVoices and speaks to a young person’s need for expression and social justice." —School Library Journal, starred review

"A grim reality approachably and even engagingly presented."

★ "Lively, lucid, and timely."
—Kirkus, starred review

Eleventh Trade.jpg
Raffie on the Run.jpg
War in the Ring.jpg

★ "Sensitively portrays the contemporary challenges faced by refugees plagued by impossibly difficult experiences to work through and the ways friends can help them find a new home." —BCCB, starred review

"The dialogue-driven escape from captivity will launch readers quickly through to the happy ending . . . A great selection for readers in search of a fun animal fantasy." —Kirkus

"Florio and Shapiro bring considerable skill to their lively telling of this multilayered slice of honest account of the racism and anti-Semitism intertwined throughout and realistically portraying the complexities of Joe Louis and Max Schmeling." —Kirkus

FBI Files Unabomber.jpg
Wet Cement.jpg
Rhythm Ride.jpg

"This page-turning true-crime narrative takes readers behind the scenes of the detailed work, decision-making, and sometimes luck that go into solving difficult cases." —Kirkus

★ "Aspiring wordsmiths should find plenty of inspiration here."
—Booklist, starred review

★ "A well-crafted spin that will reverberate in the hearts of music, African Amarican culture, and history buffs." —School Library Journal, starred review

Emperor's Ostrich.jpg
Finders Keepers.jpg
Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My LIfe.jpg

★ "Berry works a kind of magic with this enchanting adventure, orchestrating individual characters’ stories into a seamlessly unified narrative."
—Booklist, starred review

★ "A charming story of family history and personal connections (both lost and found)." —Booklist, starred review

"This sharp and quirky story winningly portrays a girl who, in finding herself, finds family, friends, and a place to belong."
—School Library Journal

Patron Saint for Junior Bridesmaids.jpg
My Pet Human.jpg
My Pet Human Takes Center Stage.jpg

"With a boisterous, multigenerational family and touching themes of tolerance, there’s a lot to like here, and fans of feel-good stories will be delighted." —Booklist

"Cat-loving kids, particularly emerging readers, will get a kick out of the feline narrator, as well as the heartening story of friendship." —Booklist

"Sure to please newly independent readers who are pussycat pals." —Kirkus

Maloneys Magical Weatherbox.jpg
Worm Whisperer.jpg

★ "Sure to have wide classroom appeal." —Booklist, starred review

★ "A boisterous, gusty romp and an exhilarating debut." —Kirkus, starred review

"Ellis’s gentle ways with animals—especially his new caterpillar, Tink—are a particularly touching part of this empathic story." —Publishers Weekly

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Young Adult

Strangers Assume.jpg
Black Girl Magic.jpg

★ "For teens like Vivian who are just discovering how to stand up—and what to stand up for—this is an invaluable revelation."
—Booklist, starred review

★ "People with disabilities still don’t get the kind of #ownvoices space they merit, and Burcaw’s voice makes him just plain good literary company in this approachable, enjoyable, and often edifying title." —BCCB, starred review

"The persuasive, powerful, and lyrical delivery with which Browne imbues the originally spoken-word poem translate to the page in bold, blocky, yet quivering text, displaying the vulnerability and hopefulness of Browne’s message." —Booklist

Last Bus to Everland.jpg
Truth About Alice.jpg

★ "Everland is a lovely conceit amid beautifully realized worlds and wonderfully individual, empathetic characters. The result is a memorable fantasy to occupy a proud place on the shelf beside Peter and Wendy."
—Booklist, starred review

Winner of the Children's Choice Book Awards' Teen Debut Author Award

"A tough, unapologetic look at slut-shaming from a promising new voice.” —Booklist

★ "This thoughtful, character-driven study of one girl’s struggle to reconcile her strict, conservative Christian upbringing with the modern secular world is an exceptionally nuanced treatment of religious choice."
—Booklist, starred review

Out of the Blue.jpg
Liars of Mariposa Island.jpg

★ "A smart balance of realism and fantasy with well-rounded characters." —School Library Journal, starred review

★ "Mathieu masterfully invests readers in the the characters' origin stories, emotions, and motives. Her descriptions of the various settings over time and space are vivid and pulsating, immersing the audience in the psyches and nostalgia of each narrator." —Booklist, starred review

★ "The author of Devoted and The Truth About Alice writes another electrifying tale of self-discovery and the powerful effect relationships have on the human mind." —School LIbrary Journal, starred review


★ "Smart and fresh supernatural take on the spy novel." —Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Well-paced action and mystery for an appealing heroine, complete with Cold War attitudes." —Kirkus

"With its intriguing world, taut narrative, and complex heroine, this well-wrought fantasy charms from the start." —BCCB

Darkly Beating Heart.jpg
Flight Risk.jpg
Stone Field.jpg

"Tense and eerie, this leaves lingering questions about how ghosts of the past can influence sins of the present." —Booklist

"Fenn has penned an original, thrilling tale with wide appeal, including for older reluctant readers." —Booklist

★ "Lenzi ingeniously reimagines the English moors of Wuthering Heights as the rolling hills of Missouri." —BCCB, starred review

Vault of Dreamers.jpg
Rule of Mirrors.jpg
Keep of Ages.jpg

"A sharp novel about the ways in which everyone can be manipulated."—BCCB

"Plenty of intrigue and a solid sense of building tension."

"Psychologically and philosophically rich." —Booklist

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